About Us

Mentoring Girls, Creating Leaders


Guiding Principles

OUR MISSION: Our mission at Caprecia Cares is to mentor and empower the lives of at-risk teen girls by teaching them to become effective change agents in their own lives.

OUR VISION: At Caprecia Cares, we envision a world of powerful young ladies with endless potential who are committed to reach their full potential.

Meet the Founder

Caprecia Miller, Founder and President of Caprecia Cares, is a U.S. Army Veteran. During her time in the military, she committed to community service throughout her career. From volunteering at local schools and homeless shelters, to organizing food, coat, and toy drives, she recognizes the importance of giving back.

Through personal experiences as a teenager and young adult, volunteering in the community, Caprecia found her passion in mentoring and empowering young girls. She started Caprecia Cares because she understands first‑hand the challenges and obstacles girls face that often prevent them from being the successful young lady they were purposed to be. She recognizes that a difficult past doesn’t mean girls can’t have a positive future.

Caprecia believes in leading by example. In the spirit of that belief, she holds a Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Dallas Baptist University and Master's in Social Work from George Mason University. She volunteers countless hours in the community and has experienced the beauty of different cultures by serving as a Homestay Host for Foreign Exchange students from Mali and Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa, introducing them to life in America.

“I am a strong believer in mentoring, inspiring and empowering others, especially young girls. Mentoring for me has always been first and foremost a relationship. I meet extraordinary young girls and women and I think how can help this person? How can I open doors for her and be supportive, encouraging and nourishing?”

~In Her Own Words~

Meet the Team

Our girls bear witness to a society of excess and celebrity, and everything they see, thanks to a totally new world of social media, fuels their frenzied quest to be “somebody”  – anybody but who they are. This sets them up for a lifetime of striving for some distorted illusion of perfection while never feeling good enough. And it’s not going away! Therefore it is vital to provide our girls with role models and mentors that can show them how to maneuver their way through the minefield of pop culture and how to emerge intact, strong, confident, and fully equipped to create a life that they want – not what the media tells them they should want.


Randeen Espinoza


Randeen Espinoza is the Principal of R.N.E. Consulting, LLC, and a U.S. Army Veteran.  Throughout her time in the military, she created the female and male mentorship programs to uplift, motivate, and empower young Soldiers.  She focused on self-esteem, personal care, financial literacy, education, and behavior.  Randeen volunteers her time by giving back to the community at homeless shelters and food banks and organizes clothing and food drives for various organizations.

Randeen holds an Associate of Arts from Pierce College, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/ Management, and a Master of Business Administration/ Finance from Columbia Southern University.


Trinette Tucker


Trinette Tucker is a U.S. Army Veteran.  Her passion for mentoring youth is derived from her personal experiences as a teenager. Growing up in New Orleans, LA, Trinette understands first-hand the effects of growing up in marginalized communities. She recognizes the importance of mentoring and empowering youth impacted by poverty, drugs, violence and teen pregnancy.  Trinette shares the obstacles she faced as a young girl while inspiring and motivating them not to let their current situation define their destiny.


Regine' Bumper


Reginé Bumper is a published  author of the book, Eye Remember the Paths Walked. Selling over 200 copies, she has been the featured author in book clubs throughout Maryland and Virginia, made guest appearances on podcasts such as MarciaSpeaks, Called to Speak, The Author's Corner, and featured on the local radio station, WPGC 95.5. Reginé lives by her life mission by  mentoring and empowering young females like herself, to begin living out their purpose by first understanding who they are. Through her ability to motivate, listen, inspire and be vulnerable, she is able to help young females discover themselves and then to walk in their light of self-truth.

Become a Mentor

A key goal of Caprecia Cares is to provide caring and supportive Women-Veteran mentors for teen girls. Mentoring relationships offer girls the potential to overcome hurdles, cope with problems, and learn basic skills necessary for a productive, healthy adulthood.

Throughout the program, experienced mentors are assigned to each girl to help guide them along their journey. Our mentors provide the necessary coaching and teaching to assist girls in making responsible decisions that will lead to positive outcomes.